Rental cars have become the best option for travelers on safari in Uganda today. It is one exceptional alternative that gets travelers the best of a memorable road trip as they can reach to their dream destinations comfortably yet at pocket-friendly rates. When planning a trip to Uganda consider hiring a car a must-do thing and you won’t regret in life. Long long-term car rental is by far a perfect option if you plan to spend more days in a destination in Uganda but hiring one comes with benefits and challenges that every traveler needs to put into consideration.

Some of the benefits of hiring a car in Uganda include;

Hiring a car rather than purchasing or using public means has a lot of benefits which include among others.

Enjoy authentic naturalness of pearl of Africa

The best way to enjoy Uganda’s exceptional naturalness is by hiring a car. But it is essential that you deal with a reliable, trustworthy car hire agency and experience about Uganda’s beauty. We have a wide range of 4×4 drive safari rental cars to help you explore any corner of Uganda at your own pace. We give you adequate time to effect payments and also a chance to choose either to drive by yourself or hire a car and driver-guide.


Hiring a car in Uganda for a long time or short time is safer although they say safety starts with you. All our rental cars can be tracked and in case you get lost, still, you have the device to get you back in the right direction. 

Discover iconic sites

Hiring one of our 4×4 drive safari cars allows you to discover Uganda at your own pace while on a self-drive tour. A self-drive is more of adventure and remarkably, you get to explore and experience different parts of this magical country your way.


Every traveler needs to have a comfortable road trip that is why rental cars are a viable alternative. Car hire is far comfortable compared to traveling by public means. For any road assistance, we are readily available and always at your service.

The challenges you may incur in hiring a car for a long time in Uganda include;

Most car rental Uganda companies tend to indicate mileage specification and if it exceeds, then a renter has to pay the penalty speculated by a car rental company.

To hire a car in Uganda, you should be between 25 and 70 years. 

In case there are issues with bodywork and inner part of the car, you may incur a cost for repair if you do not inspect the car before setting off. 

When hiring a car, you may bump into your dream car and even though rental cars are affordable than purchasing one, you will still incur a cost of fueling it.

Fuel prices usually fluctuate and can be costly since you are the one to fuel the car.

In case you do not return the car as per the car hire company terms and conditions, higher chances are you will be penalized.

In summary, hiring a car for a long time in Uganda has both benefits and challenges.

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