Car rental services serve as an exceptional way to get around Rwanda and they cover various aspects including game viewing tours, business meeting, city tours and airport transfers among others. When considering renting a car in Rwanda, you need to be certain of different aspects otherwise, you will curse why opted for the car hire services in that particular car rental company.

Below are some of the factors to put into consideration when booking car rental services in Rwanda


When you opt to use Rwanda car rental, be mindful of pick up and drop offs. Usually, it is easier to find a car at the airport whether it is on-site or off-site. On-site car hire agencies have the simplest options as you can easily walk to the offices and be handed over the key unlike the off-site companies although this category has also eased visitor travel needs where you can find a driver guide waiting for you upon your arrival. Note, booking a car in one area means should be returned to the same place and for any deviation means additional charge. As well, renting a car from city center can be relatively cheaper than if you did it at the airport.


A car rental service provider should be reliable, 24/7. Besides, the car you hope to use for your road trip in Rwanda should also be available at the time you wish to use it and at your convenience. Knowing the operating hours of the car rental company you wish to deal is very significant as it you get to know when to pick up and drop off a car.


Number of driver matter a lot when it comes to cutting down the cost for hiring drivers. If you are alone then higher chances are that you will be in position to cut down on the expenses. However, some car rental agencies are good and can be on your side by clearing small fees in case of additional drivers. Additional drivers play a significant role depending how long your road trip will take and for travelers who have plans for long trips, extra drive is very essential.

Check the cancellation policy

Cross checking a cancellation policy of particular car hire agency helps you to know which company or agency allows you to cancel up to 24 hours prior the car pick up. This is vital especially if your flight is cancelled or delayed then you will be in position to get a refund. Therefore, deal with a car rental agency with the best cancellation policy and the one that indicates to you the available extra fees once you cancel your trip.


Each car rental company has its set fuel policy. This policy ranges from full to empty and at times, you may get a car rental with full tank up on pick up and or half tank and you may also be required to return it with same quantity of fuel and breaking this agreement means cost on your budget. Others will give you a car with empty tank and you are expected to return it as given. Also, you need to check which type of fuel does the car rental you hope to take uses otherwise; you may refill a diesel car with petrol.

The model of the car rental

This is significant when booking car rental services in Rwanda. It allows you ascertain how seats or its carrying capacity is. Note, what you see online may not be exactly the one you will use and this shouldn’t cause problem and to avoid this, make sure that you double check your print well. For exceptional road trip, consider our 4×4 safari rentals a must to book and you won’t regret in life.

As well, you need to know the size of car hire you hope to use. This may differ from visitor travel interest. For those of you who prefer traveling as a group, you will need a car with good carrying capacity. We have wide range of car rentals suited to your travel needs. They range from Toyota Ra4, Land Cruisers to Coasters.

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