Travel website TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the top five naturist beaches in the world, providing holiday makers planning to swap their work wear for their birthday
suits this summer with a definitive list of the best spots in which to let it all hang out.

“Whilst British beach resorts are experiencing something of a renaissance this summer, those seeking to free themselves from the fetters of fashion and feel the sand between areas beyond their toes may find sunnier climes a better bet,” said Luke Fredberg, TripAdvisor spokesman.

So if you’re planning to get some bikini-line free sun this summer and want something a bit more exotic than Brighton beach, maybe you should consider one of the following clothing-optional beach destinations below…

Haulover Beach Park – Miami Beach, Florida
Attracting more than one million visitors each year, Haulover Beach Park is renowned for its busy, family-friendly atmosphere and its large clothing-optional area. One TripAdvisor traveller says, “As you watch the procession of folks entering onto the beach for the first time, you quickly spot those who are visiting for the first time. There’s an initial look of surprise as they quickly scan the beach, but this immediately melts into a warm, joyful smile.”

Wreck Beach – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A breathtaking cliff view stretches above the five miles of sand awaiting those who journey to Canada’s first and largest clothing-optional beach, where nudity is the norm. While naturists will clearly enjoy Wreck, so will naturalists, who can glimpse herons, eagles and other wildlife. One TripAdvisor traveller said, “Wreck Beach is a magical place where I can strip off my layers of clothes and judgments, troubles and insecurities, and become one with the earth.”

Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece
TripAdvisor travellers rave that this beach certainly lives up to its name. Stunning scenery and an inviting beach form the backdrop for an ongoing celebration that’s made even better by the option to forego tan lines. One TripAdvisor traveller raved about, “Swimming in the blue waters and lying on the white sand in a place where humans celebrate the good parts of life… Mykonos is positive energy at its best… just paradise.”

Orient Beach – St. Maarten, Caribbean
This tropical beach boasts soft sand and coral reefs which keep the water calm, whilst also making for incredible snorkelling. Just watch out for the sea urchins. According to one TripAdvisor traveller, “Orient Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever visited. A sun worshipper’s paradise.”

Black’s Beach – San Diego, California
The cliffs surrounding Black’s Beach make it a stunning place to visit for the view alone. But as a place to escape inhibition, Black’s has a history of sunbathers who literally let it all hang out. Surfers also enjoy the beach, where they can ride the sometimes-dangerous waves (only for the brave), and ditch their attire if they choose (only for the very brave). One TripAdvisor traveller said, “This is simply a stunning beach… all of us found Black’s Beach to be a very comfortable place to shed our clothes and inhibitions.”

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