Lion Eyes

Over the last two decades there has been a considerable drop in the population of lions in Africa, mainly due to habitat and conflict with humans.

Recently however, there has been an increase in population in the Selenkay Conservancy as well as the Olare Orok and Ol Kinyei Conservancies, according to Kenya’s Gamewatcher Safari. A new pride of five lionesses can be regularly spotted in Olare Orok conservancy, where they join three other prides. Researchers have been tracking a lioness from a small pride in the Selenkay Conservancy in order to monitor the lion’s movements and assist in helping communities in reducing lion-livestock conflict.

Gamewatchers Safari have also set up a new research safari where guests will spend eight nights getting an insight into the research process of lions. 5% of the cost of the safari will also be donated to the Ewaso Lions Project.

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