A word that describes mountain gorilla tracking is very hard to find, meeting these giants in their natural habitat is a life time experience. Many tourist activities have been done on any safari in the world but a magical encounter with the rare mountain gorillas is of its kind and it’s a real adventurous activity. These rare species are only found in Africa and they can be tracked only in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, however Rwanda is known as the leading mountain gorilla safaris destination in the world almost a half of the world’s population live in the volcanoes national park about 380 out of 1000 live only in this park and Rwanda’s mountain gorilla are a bit easy to track when you compare them to gorillas of Bwindi and Congo, however this is not a guarantee since their wild animals their difficult to predict meeting them may go from 1-8 hours searching them so reasonable degree of fitness is very necessary , don’t forget gorilla tracking gears like sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots, rain jacket, gloves, walking, long sleeved shirts or blouses.

Tracking these giants begins after reporting at the park headquarters in t Kining to receive a short briefing about the rules and regulation when you meet gorillas and also to get assigned to the group booked for. Then after you escort the ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity possibly the most interesting activity done on earth. When you meet these giants you are strictly allowed one hour while observing their behaviors as well as taking photos. Rwanda has 12 habituated gorilla families (Habituated means they are used to short visits by humans.) 10 gorilla families are ready for tracking and the two are used for research purpose. In each gorilla family 8 members are only allowed to track meaning that 80 people track gorillas every day.

Mountain gorilla facts

Mountain gorillas are known as the third closest relative of man after chimpanzee who shares almost 98% of human genes; gorillas are considered the largest member of the great ape family weighing up to 470 pounds and reach six feet in weigh (an adult male silverback which age from 12 and above.

Mountain gorillas live in family group which consists of 6-35 members and the group is led by a dominant silverback( called silverback because of the grey hair that develop on its back), the silverback is responsible for any activity which takes place in the group including where to feed, sleep, and also defending the group among others. Other members in a family include few subordinate males (black backs) and multiple females and kids.

Mountain gorillas majorly feed on leaves, plants, fruits, aunts and they rarely drink water since most of the food they eat contains too much water.

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla tracking is worth the money paid for this activity, permits cost US$1500 per person per tracking including park entry fee and a ranger. Many travelers in the world can’t wait to go for this magical experience, a one to two days spend with gorillas in their natural environment is a life time experience difficult to forget. Be part of the experience, book with us for any gorilla safari to Rwanda at a very friendly price welcome in advance.

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