Ilha Grande Island

Ilha Grande is a beautiful island situated in Brazil. The island is located about 150 kilometres far from the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro. It is considered to be among the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world. This beautiful island is known for its amazing tourist attractions that include beautiful beaches, historical art galleries and stunning landscapes. As far as the transport system is concerned, there are no roads on the island and the tourists have to reach there by ferries operated by government as well as private operators. The natural beauty of Ilha Grande attracts a number of travellers every year towards it.

Beaches On Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is home to some very beautiful beaches. Lopes Mendes beach is counted among the most beautiful beaches of the world. The excellent surfing conditions and shallow water will add a lot to your pleasure. You will also have a great swimming experience here. Parnaioca beach is also among the best beaches of the island. You can reach by boat here. If you love hiking, you can access the beach after three hour hike from Dois Rios. Some other notable beaches include Praia Dois Rios, Praia Santo Antonio and Paria Recifes.

What To Do

Visitors to the area can enjoy a lot of other activities like kayaking, sailing and diving on the island. Apart from these, there are a number of restaurants in Ilha Grande, which are known for serving delicious cuisines to their guests. Seafood at these restaurants is quite tasty and you will love to fill your appetite here. The nightlife on the island is not that good and there are only few bars located here. But you will definitely enjoy other attractions at the fullest and will never feel the absence of a stunning nightlife. The natural beauty of the island is simply awesome and is the main reason behind the regions popularity.

You can also find a number of beautiful villages on Ilha Grande. The biggest village located on the island is known as Vila do Abraão. It is an important spot on the island as most of the tourist facilities are located here. The tourist can reach the village by local ferries operated from the mainland. Ilha Grande is known for its unique flora and fauna and you can come across some beautiful flowers and creatures here. You can also encounter some beautiful animals like Magellanic penguins and Southern right whales.


There are a number of good hotels located here offering great accommodation facilities as well as hospitality services to the guests. Pousada do Holandes, Over Nativa, Bugio Hostel are some budget hotels where you can stay. Pousada Beira Mar, Pousada Naturalia, Pousada Olhos d’Água, D´Pillel and Bromelias are some mid-budget options. You can choose any of these hotels according to your needs and budget. Once being on Ilha Grande, you will experience the true beauty of nature. Those who are looking to enjoy their vacation at a place full of adventure can unhesitatingly opt for Ilha Grande.

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