Venezuela, also known as the country of contrast, is a country of spectacular natural beauty and varied landscapes. It has snow-capped table top gigantic mountains in the East, Andean peaks in the West, steamy Amazon Jungles in the south and white sand beaches in the North.

Venezuela has always attracted adventurous travellers since Christopher Columbus first sighted its shores five centuries ago. The country attracts travellers with inquisitive minds and a desire to experience the natural and cultural wonders first hand. Venezuela, with its many landscapes along with huge bio diversity and indigenous culture, can offer you an adventure holiday experience of lifetime. Venezuelan expeditions are the best way to explore the nature, culture and traditions of the country and the people, you can also discover wild life and new landmarks. Some of the ideal destinations for expeditions are trekking in the Andes, a safari in the Llanos flats, a Canaima Tour, visiting Medanos de Coro sand dunes, and many more.

Amazonas is the largest region of Venezuela within the watershed of the mighty Río Orinoco. It contains two gargantuan national parks with varied flora and fauna and many native inhabitants. Amazonas is Venezuela’s least populated and wildest region. White-water rafting down the Atures Rapids is an adrenaline raising adventurous expedition in Amazonas. rubber rafts powered with outboard motors can navigate you through mammoth waves. Adventurous people can take the Yanomami expedition to the Ocamo River and during this expedition they can spend nights in hammocks, on beaches, in jungle, villages or shabonos. Travellers can get acquainted with the Yanomami lifestyle and their culture and traditions.

You can go hiking along the Andes rocky trails. On an Andes expedition, you can see different species of tropical birds and wild life, over 350 species of birds are thought to live here. You can also come face to face with howler monkeys, iguanas, deer, alligators, reptiles and capybaras. You can visit colonial towns and experience life in historic towns. Hiking or biking in Andean mountains, lakes, tropical forests and coffee plantations is a memorable experience. The Venezuelan Coastal Range also known as Maritime Andes are two parallel coastal ranges that run east and west along the Caribbean coast. The mountain ranges are at the altitude of 2,000m above sea level. The coastal range mountains have evergreen forests, a variety of physiographical features and a rich variety in plants and animals, they are perfect for expeditions with a local guide. You can take kayak expedition around Merida to explore the area and find new rivers.

Trekking on Tepuy Roraima is another thrilling expedition. Tepuy Roraima is the tallest table top mountain on the meeting point of three countries, Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. The expedition takes you to the wildest parts of tropical forests, where the beauty and diversity of the nature unfolds. The expedition includes crossing the Orinoco River by a ferryboat, hiking in the jungle and spend night there, trekking the mountains, visiting coffee plantations etc. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, interacting with the indigenous and resting among nature. While trekking Tepuy Roraima, you will pass valley of forest, streams passing through grassy savannah, Tepuy Kukenan and its waterfall, unique fauna, flora and many more waterfalls. Once you reach the mystical, foggy summit of the Tepuy, you can explore the window of Kukenan and cliffs, Valley of Crystals, Matawi Tepuy, great stone sculptures, and natural labyrinths. Trekking through the cloud forests is an exhilarating experience.

Another exciting itinerary to explore Venezuela includes the Caura River, mystic Gran Sabana, and the Orinoco Delta. The river Caura is hidden in the thick Amazonian jungles of Venezuela. During the expedition you can spend night in the jungle surrounding the river Caura. You can go for a hike in the mountain range Las Montañas Cangrejo or spend time with the Indian community at Boca de Nichare, become familiar with their rituals and customs and visit their plantations to see the methods of cultivation. El Playon is a beautiful beach to swim and fish. On the way to La Gran Sabana you can enjoy the stunning view of the Salto Para waterfalls. La Gran Sabana, also known as the lost world, has lots of waterfalls, strikingly beautiful nature and interesting vegetation.

Venezuelan expeditions, though exciting, require a certain level of fitness. These expeditions require you to sleep in the jungle, lie on the beach, swim the rivers, explore the wild and have food probably hunted and cooked by the local people. The long drives and long hiking routes may be tiring and during the expeditions you may experience some cultural shocks. You may hear some negative reviews about safety and well-being in Venezuela. In spite of it, it is worth going for the expeditions and to explore the beauty of Venezuela.

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