Honeymoon in Africa

If you have decided to get married and decide to stay with that special person in your life. What better way to celebrate your love than taking an adventurous safari to Africa to make new memories that will last.

Africa offers some of the most beautiful scenery and the memorable experiences. Below are the 5 honey moon destinations in Africa;


This country provided the back drop for the Oscar award winning movie, out of Africa, it’s a country with tightly packed package of incredible safari experiences boasting of exotic wildlife, beaches, beautiful resorts and stunning scenery. Explore all the tourist sights, walk through the natural sanctuaries, shop, dine and relish the bliss. Kenya is one of the best honeymoon destinations blessed with varied pleasures.

The things to do in Kenya on a honey moon include; wildlife adventure at Masai Mara plain, beach pleasures at Mombasa, feed your instagram / facebook with pictures as mount Kilimanjaro, try the white water rafting at Sagna and enjoy an unforgettable cycle ride to hell’s gate.


This is a heaven on earth , One of the few places left in the world where you can look forward to walking up every morning in paradise with great fresh clean air, no loud and horrible noises and dramatic views that are hard to imagine. This is a perfect spot for breath-taking scenery, beautiful beaches and high end hotels, which makes it a perfect spot for newlyweds to make their once in a lifetime memories.

The common things to do in Mauritius on a honeymoon include; island hopping, the romantic cruise through Port Louis, snorkelling, scuba diving and Kayaking, pampering spa session, enjoy a romantic walk on the beach and also escape the city to poudre D or village to Listening to love stories of Paul & Virginie. The best time to visit is April to December.

Comoros Island

One of the most beautiful islands of East Africa, Comoros is an extremely romantic location for couples on honey moon. The breath-taking palm fringed beaches, turquoise beaches, sunsets, luxury resorts, great food, nightlife and the bevy of water sports to create the unforgettable memories.

The main things to do in Comoros Island include; the spa session, snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing with your partner, candle lit dinner with delicious cuisine, exploring the pristine islands, scale through the Dos du Dragon and also taking a day trip to Moroni island- the perfumed island. The best time to visit is April to December.


This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From its great scenery that seems right out of a fairy-tale to the famous wildlife that occupies the island. It has an array out activities for both the indoor and outdoor lover. You can have a visit to one of the national parks and have a date with the Lemur.

The things to do in Madagascar on a honeymoon include; have a date with the lemurs at the national park, travel through Tsingy de Bemaraha, one of the greatest national parks, laze around the sandy shores, swimming, take pictures of the clear blue waters, explore the Andasibe Mantadia national park for gam drives, savor the delicious food and drinks and watch the traditional display of Malagasy culture.


It’s bound on all sides by some of Africa’s best coral beaches, Zanzibar is post card perfect. Filled with incredible experiences, a honey moon in Zanzibar is as great as you visit in quite economical costs. The tropical rain forest leads to the sandy shores which extend to azure waters. The main things to do in Zanzibar on a honeymoon including; taking romantic walks on the beaches, watch the sunset with your love, have a tour around the spice island, play on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, shop f0or lovely wares at Kiponda street, Learn about the history and culture of Zanzibar at Zanzibar galley and Relish delicious cuisine at the food stall. The best time to visit is from June to October.

For more ideas check out the Safari Web, a destination portal with resourceful information to plan a great holiday in Africa.

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