Gambia Beaches

The Gambia is the smallest country on Africa’s mainland which should temper any expectation of hundreds of miles of beach front. What’s more, the country is long and narrow mirroring the path of the Gambia River. This leaves it with roughly 80 kilometers of Atlantic coastline. But despite its size and tiny coastline, the Gambia boasts an impressive array of spectacular beaches that continue to draw tourists in their droves each year.

The long daylight hours, high temperatures, cooling Atlantic Ocean breeze and plenty of palm trees along its shores make it particularly popular with European tourists during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the country’s best beaches include:

  • Bijilo Beach – One of the best known beaches in the country, Bijilo’s allure is its golden beach sands, serene ambience, vast empty spaces and decent hotels. Biljo is south of the mouth of the Gambia River.
  • Kololi Beach – One of the Gambia’s first beach resort destinations, Kololi is home to some of the country’s oldest high end hotels including the Kairaba and Senegambia. Not far from the beach is ‘the Strip’ – a vibrant area whose nightclubs, restaurants and bars are packed at night during the peak tourist season.
  • Kotu Beach – Kotu is a relatively flat and narrow beach, Kotu’s stature as a key destination has only been realized in recent years thanks to the hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and a golf course that have been built.
  • Fajara and Bakau – One of the most dramatic coastlines in the country, beautiful sandy beaches intersperse the red rocky cliffs.
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